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Short Film, “Cycle”, Provides First Person Narrative of an Untimely Circumstance

A short film providing a first-person narrative of a common, but untimely circumstance will be premiering via http://chillseason.me/cycle on February 8. 

ST LOUIS, FEBRUARY 8, 2018 - St. Louis filmmaker, Jon Alexander, looks to take viewers into the minds of numerous young Black men in America who have become products of their environments. The short film, Cycle, will release via Jon Alexander’s online portfolio on February 8.


Cycle follows the story of Capshaun, a young, Black man in America, caught in a vicious pattern of anger, violence and misunderstanding. This short dives into his thoughts, exploring what brought him to this point. 


We often see the results of hatred and acts of violence within underserved communities, but rarely find time to break down the events, on a micro or macro level, that lead to these situations and unhealthy conditions. This film looks to provide insight to viewers on some of the sources of this frustration that ultimately creates this world of destruction.


Below you will find links to teasers, as well as the complete short film.


About Jon Alexander:

Jon Alexander is a Full Sail University graduate who achieved his B.A. in Film Production and developed a passion to strike change in his audience mentally, emotionally and spiritually. While currently working as a freelance filmmaker and photographer, Jon has previously held positions as an Associate Producer at The Nine Network of Public Media and an adjunct professor at Webster University.



If you’d like more information about the short film, please contact Jon Alexander

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