A few months ago, a few friends & I took to the streets in celebration of a recent win. Starting with a few shots of tequila, the fun times soon followed! After a little drunken convo & trap music, we left out to hit one of the most well known Chinese food spots in the city.
The fun only continued inside as the squad basically took over their whole dining area. Other patrons seemed intrigued by the large, loud group of semi drunk people, with me following behind with my camera. I guess we looked pretty legit.
Of course we had to top this meal off with some Vess Soda, because why wouldn't you? After finally receiving our food, the party transitioned to the tables in the back. If only I could remember what we were talking about...
And then came the night show, including selfies, snapchats & all around#carefreeblackgirl-ness. Always remember to celebrate your wins, big or small. You worked for it, you made it happen, reward yourself!
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